Quilt Receiving


The week of Saturday to Thurs, April 15-20 you must deliver your quilts to our Quilt Receivers. Each quilt must have a 4 inch sleeve (for hanging) and a paper label attached. Information for this is in Instructions and Labels, a PDF that you accessed on the Quilt Submission page when you filled out your entry. You can also access it by clicking on the underlined link above. The quilt receiver will add your entry number to the label on your quilt and to your Quilt Receipt which is also on that form. You need to bring the receipt portion to Quilt Drop-Off for the Receivers to sign and number. You will need to present this receipt to Quilt Return on Sunday between 5:15 and 6:15 to pick up your quilt.

Below is a list of Receivers and their Hours of availability. You need to call them ahead to let them know when you will be coming. Please use your directory for their address and phone#. If you do not have a directory, contact Quilt Receiving co-chairs Sandi Fisher or Chris Sagan here.

Carole Annas Mon 10am-3pm, 6pm-9
Tue 10am-3pm, 6pm-9
Wed 10am-3pm, 6pm-9
Caroline Earhart Sun 1pm-4,
Mon 10am-8pm,
Tues 4pm-8,
Wed 10am-8pm
Virginia Standley Mon 2pm-5,
Tues 5pm-8,
Wed 10am-12pm, 4pm-6
Gretchen Crozier Mon 10am-9pm,
Tues 10am-9pm,
Wed 10am-9pm
Barbara Goldhammer Tues 9am-4pm, 6:30pm-8:00,
Wed 9am-4pm, 6:30pm-8:00
Wendy Henderson Mon 1pm-8,
Tues 1pm-8,
Wed 1pm-8
Maya Madhavan Tues 9am-3pm, 5pm-7,
Wed 9am-3pm, 5pm-7,
Thurs 9am-3pm, 5pm-7
Lorraine Magee Mon 10am-7pm,
Tues 10am-7pm,
Wed 4pm-7
Caroline Ramsey Mon 10am-2pm,
Tues 2pm-6
Jeanne Brophy Sat 9am- 6pm,
Sun 9am-6pm,
Mon 9am-6pm,
Wed 9am-6pm
Chris Sagan Sun 12pm-7,
Mon 12pm-7,
Tues 12pm-7,
Wed 12pm-7,
Maureen Zimmerman Mon 9am-10:30am, 4pm-6,
Tues 4pm -6,
Wed 9am-10:30am, 4pm-6
Maureen Hall Mon 10am-8pm,
Tues 10am-8pm,
Wed 10am-8pm
Colette Lenoir Sat 12pm-6,
Sun 12pm-6