Quilt Submission

AVQ Presents:  Quilted Treasures XVII – “Colors of the Vineyard”

We hope that every AVQ member, whether a beginner or an experienced quilter, will have a quilt on display in our show!  Our show is known for its diversity and representation of different skill levels.  If you are a new quilter, do not hesitate to submit a quilt!

Quilt Submission

You must be a member of the Amador Valley Quilters.

Quilt entries will be done electronically for the most part this year. By having you enter the data yourself, errors and volunteer workloads will be reduced.  There will still be paper forms available at the general meetings for the few members who do not have computers.

Each quilt submitted requires a separate entry form.

For Electronic Entries: Complete all 3 items A-C.

    1. Entry Form:
      Click on this link to fill out your AVQ 2017 Quilt Show Entry Form online and submit. You will need to complete the entire form in one sitting. For your records, print your responses before you submit the information. There is no print icon so you use the short cuts on your keyboard. PC users – Hold down the Control key and press P.  Mac users hold Command and press P.
    2. Instructions and Labels:
      Use this link to access the PDF with instructions for size and placement of the sleeve you need to put on your quilt. Labels are for your entry identification and receipt. Print out the PDF and sew labels on your entry items in the corner indicated.
      Use the print icon that is in the google doc. Do not use your browser print icon. This page should print out as an 8.5″ by 11″. Contact the webmaster if it does not.
      FYI: Quilt Sleeve – AQS instructional video.
    3. Photo:
      You will need to send a 4×6 photo of the quilt or other item. On the back of the picture, please write the exhibitor’s name, entry name, and dimensions of the entry.
      You may hand it in at the general meeting, mail it in via post office or have a photo taken by historian at the February or March general meeting. If none of these are possible, you may
      email in a jpeg to Chris Sagan at quiltphotos@amadorvalleyquilters.org.
      The FINAL DEADLINE for ALL entries is the March 11  General meeting. We can then arrange the show layout and print the program.

If you have questions, email our webmaster@amadorvalleyquilters.org.